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Real estate sector

Cocoriko, decision making with collective power.

An online consultation platform helps decision makers to:

  • Develop proactive listening skills
  • Make decisions informed by the needs of the community
  • Obtaining sound data to support their decisions

Real estate developers, city officials, and property developers all need to make quick decisions about building or renovating new buildings.

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3 successful case studies!

We highlight two real estate developers and one City of Montreal borough that have used Cocoriko to consult on real estate projects. All of them did so with the goal of integrating more people from the community into the conversation and this was achieved in all cases.


Creating a living environment
Novatio Immobilier will develop a project that includes residential spaces, a public square, shops and services as well as community spaces.



Revitalize a block with local businesses

The SDA Angus needs to revitalize a residential area by renovating a few buildings to create a new living environment that will meet the needs of the community.



Consult in a structured approach to a specific construction plan
The borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro regularly consults its community on specific construction plans, as part of their participatory approach.


5 lessons to remember for the real estate sector!

Reach more participants

In all cases, including those presented above, an online participation platform allowed more people to give their opinion on the real estate projects.


Notices remain under control

Even in cases where the subject of the consultation is polarizing in the community, online participation, while allowing for input, remains under control.


Involve the community earlier in the project

When consultation occurs early in the decision-making process, the community feels a part of the process and the real estate project is likely to develop more quickly later on.


Surround yourself with professional consultants 

When your organization has little knowledge of public participation, it is best to surround yourself with consultants who have expertise in the field in order to create a comprehensive participation process appropriate for your real estate project.


Online participation complements face-to-face participation

Especially in real estate, online participation is one of the tools for community engagement and does not replace face-to-face meetings with stakeholders and the community, even though the sample size will be smaller and less representative than participation on your online platform.


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