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Conservation of natural environments

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The regional plan for natural environments is an obligation of the MRCs and the online platform has made it possible to prioritize the actions to be implemented on the territory for the conservation of environments.

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Context and need

The Pierre-de-Saurel MRC needed a tool to prioritize the actions to be implemented on our territory to ensure the conservation of woodlands, wetlands, natural meadows, waterways, their banks and their floodplains as part of its Regional Plan for Natural Environments, a legal obligation of MRCs.


The regional natural environment plan allows for the planning of the conservation of natural habitats throughout the territory, including forests, wastelands, waterways, marshes, swamps, ponds, aquatic plant beds and peat bogs.

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The MRC has invested the necessary efforts to mount an accessible and well-structured consultation. This included:

  • Proposals often included cartographic representations to help participants situate themselves in relation to conservation targets
  • Some clarifications from the moderators provided a context for understanding the proposals
  • Two themes were set up with only two questions which allowed for quick feedback and comments if needed
  • The interactive map tool provided a different experience

The online platform was particularly chosen for this project because the prioritization of actions was visible in real time and the results transparent to the community.



This was a first experience of online consultation for the Pierre-de-Saurel MRC community and there were some challenges with creating an account to participate and broadcasting the consultation.

The results are still satisfactory:

  • 4 topics
  • 14 proposals and 4 questions
  • 735 votes
  • 71 participants

Click here  to see the completed consultation and the results.

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