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Municipal Green Space Management

Cocoriko, a simple and efficient online collaborative space

An online participation platform helps you to:

  1. To join the silent majority while leaving a place for those who speak out regularly;
  2. Quickly set up a consultation that will effectively reach more people in your community;
  3. Collect clear data that you can quickly present to your decision makers;
  4. Improve the transparency of communications with notices visible to all during the consultation and a presentation of the results at the end of the consultation.

The green space managers used Cocoriko and proved that an online platform is useful in a participatory process.


3 inspiring examples

We present two cities and one MRC that have used Cocoriko in the planning and management of municipal green spaces. One of their objectives was the same: to increase the number of people participating. In all cases, the objective was achieved.


How do you see your park?

The City of Gatineau needed to review the development of 5 important parks and they collected the opinion of their community with a mix of questions and proposals on an online platform.


Green Space Master Plan

Through its consultation process, the City was able to propose initiatives and concepts to make the Master Plan more accessible to its community.

Conservation of natural environments

The regional plan for natural environments is an obligation of the MRCs and the online platform has made it possible to prioritize the actions to be implemented on the territory for the conservation of environments.

5 tips for success!

Choose the right tool

An online participation platform is a specific tool that you must understand. It is definitely not an enhanced survey! With a platform, you are looking for dialogue and transparency.


Communicate a lot and often!

It is important to let your community know about your consultation and give them good reasons to take their valuable time to express their opinions.



Take an integrated approach

If you are implementing other engagement activities, such as an in-person consultation session, be sure to put your different activities together so that they reinforce and complement each other.


Trust your community

Write proposals on which to express their level of agreement, enthusiasm and confidence. Let your community write some too. And priorities will emerge.


Identify what success means to you

Identify a realistic number of participants: think about doubling or quintupling the number you would pick up in person. You'll see that it's pretty easy to achieve! Your success should also include: number of views, quality of comments, identification of priorities, etc.


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