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Who are we ?

Cocoriko is a tool designed to increase the community's capacity to make balanced decisions and to make the project's achievement easier. 

Here are our 5 pillars




We created the tool in a way to get answers that respect the values of listening, respect of needs and empathy. These are all values that guide our decisions everyday.



It is fundamental for us to be honest and transparent in every one of our relationships.  We don't believe in perfection, but in constant improvement to adapt ourselves and to evolve in a world that is in constant change.  

Collective manifestation



We believe in our capacity as a collective to raise to a common well being. It is what we call the collective manifestation; our capacity as a collective to make our dreams and common needs happen. 

Collective intelligence




At Cocoriko, we wish to bring out the best out of everyone by directing every user's attention on the solutions. We believe that this approach promotes the emergence of the collective intelligence bringing in a collective vision.

Putting technology at our service 


In a world where technology keeps growing, we believe that it's important it keeps serving humans and their collectivities. It is the reason why we are passionate about making the use of Cocoriko simple, useful and fun. 

Our experts

A team that represents best the business' values in from one specialty to the other!

Yves Alary

President and founder

Daniel Sévigny

Finance director

Alexa Groulx

Executive assistant

Sébastien Lemay

Business development director

Fanny Goulet 

Sales representative 

Mikaël Laurin

Business development manager

Benoît Roux

Sales representative

Sarah Bouchkhi

Marketing and customer service administrator 

Maude Goulet

Customer service and communications coordinator

Louis Phillipe Pelletier


Our professional services

Cocoriko has surrounded itself with a network of solid professional resources, in various fields, in order to support you for an exemplary use of an online consultation platform.

Hugo Mimee

Hugo Mimee has over 20 years of experience as a professional in public and citizen participation, facilitation and community relations. He is a Certified Professional in Public Participation (CP3) from the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2).

Hugo supports you in the development and implementation of your consultation. He knows how to perfectly integrate Cocoriko into your process.



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Joëlle Ouellette

With over 10 years of experience in territorial marketing and citizen communication, she is passionate about user-centered design. After working in the General Management Department of the City of Victoriaville and collaborating with several cities and MRCs, she created Agence Well. 


Agence Well professionalizes your platform by providing you with exactly the images you need and many other services.



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Iblis Le Guen

Iblis Le Guen has been building her academic and professional career around urban resilience issues for 15 years. She acts as a mobilizer outside your organization and accompanies you in defining your ecological transition ambition.

At Ma petite boîte verte, she accompanies several municipalities from idea to action.



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Jean François St-Onge is an architect, co-founder and creative director of ADHOC architects. His holistic approach to design has allowed him to undertake a wide variety of projects over the past 10 years.

Interested in the project as a whole as well as in the elaboration of the smallest detail, he collaborates with all the stakeholders in order to propose a concrete project taking into account the social and environmental aspects as well as its insertion environment




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