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How to create a consultation to make a diagnosis?

Questions are always optional on Cocoriko, it is a prerequisite of the public consultation path, but it is possible to develop a consultation that will allow you to create a survey and make a diagnosis.

Always personalized and optional

While a survey accompanies respondents on a well-defined path, such as in a consulting room at an open house, participants on a Cocoriko platform choose their path. No action is required, except to create an account to participate.

Participants can take several different actions, depending on their interest and level of enthusiasm to participate:
  • Express their level of agreement and feelings quickly about a proposal
  • Take the time to provide feedback on a proposal
  • Write a new proposal for the community to evaluate and comment on
  • Respond to questions posed by the platform administrator

We respect the community's desire to be involved at different levels depending on the consultation topic.

That being said, it is possible to develop a survey that will allow you to make a diagnosis. Here's how to do it:
  • Develop questions or statements that are answered by a level of agreement. For example: Is it possible to raise a family and offer it the best quality of life in our territory? Or: It is possible, in our territory, to raise a family and offer it the best quality of life.
    • Since "proposals" are actually questions, disable the feelings option (I believe / I want) for your proposals
    • Since there is no need to rank questions, disable the priorities box
    • At your option, keep or remove the option for your community to write a proposal
  • Add multiple choice questions. For example: Which of these safety issues should the municipality act on first?
  • Add open-ended questions for comment. For example: What innovative initiatives would you suggest to improve social cohesion?

You are ready! 

NOTE: Diagnosis is often the first step in a consultation. Once you've written up some findings, you'll probably want to go back to your community to test their level of agreement, enthusiasm and confidence with them. Then you can use Cocoriko to its full potential!