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How do I write my proposals as an administrator?

A proposal represents an idea, a project, a strategic axis, a development or planning option, etc. For more information, take a look at the factsheet What is a proposal?.

Prepare your proposals in advance

Each proposal contains:

  • A title of a maximum of 80 characters, including spaces
  • A text of a maximum of 400 characters, including spaces
  • Optional: photos, documents, and other additional information for participants who want to know more before taking a position


  • Use language that is common and accessible to people with a grade 12 education. The goal is not to infantilize people, but to make it clear that they have a limited amount of time to spend with you and that you should make it as easy as possible for them to participate.
  • Interact with your participants by using personal pronouns to create a sense of ownership. Here are some examples:
Instead of saying: Say:
Create a zone of... We could create a zone of...
Add an item... I would add one thing...
Installing a... We plan to install...


  • Avoid the monotony of statements that always start the same way (We should add infrastructure...) by starting your statements with the subject. For example, We should add infrastructure... could become: Infrastructure should be added...
  • Minimize the use of questions in your proposals because the person needs to give their level of agreement. By asking a question, the person may be confused when taking a position.
  • If you produce a bilingual platform, don't forget to translate your texts.

Identify additional equipment

For each of the proposals you write, you will be able to add attachments including:

  • Documents
  • Photos
  • Link to a video (YouTube, Vimeo)

Copy it to your platform!

Once you have your material, as an administrator, you can copy your texts into your platform and add the additional material. Just follow the steps indicated when you created your proposal.


  • To be in the right theme
  • Provide translations if needed.